At SignTeach consortium meetings, we called it our BOOK, because it was bigger and more important than just another report. Well, our BOOK is finished. We have an online version, a downloadable .pdf, and an epub version. Below, you can find the links.

This page is our 'afterword', a word of thanks to all the people who contributed to our BOOK: 

  • All the sign language teachers, not just from European countries, but from across the world, who answered the questions in our Survey. Thank you!
  • The experts who not only answered our questions, but who allowed us to publish their concerns and hopes for the future on our website and in our BOOK.
  • David Hay and Frankie Picron who filmed the summaries in International Sign.
  • Dr. Markku Jokinen, who wrote the foreword.
  • Everyone who gave us feedback and who supported us during the three years of the project.
  • Of course, the project partners who contributed chapters, who gave feedback, who continued to believe in our BOOK, no matter how many draft versions I sent them.

To all of you: a big THANK YOU!

Everyone else: please read our BOOK? It is a big BOOK, but it is only a small first step. There is much, much work yet to be done, by all of us,

Liesbeth Pyfers, 1 October 2017

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