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YASLA is the software solution for sign language laboratories. It realises the functionality of a classic language laboratory in the context of sign languages.

But Yasla offers much more: A flexible track system and the fully digital, computer based processing of video, audio and text material result in a flexibility so far unknown when working with sign language material.

Yasla has an intuitive user interface, which helps first-time users to get up and running quickly. At the same time, it gives frequent users the powerful and flexible tools needed to work efficiently with sign language material.

As a software-only solution, Yasla utilises standard computer models instead of specialised, complicated and fragile audio and video hardware. This avoids problems when it comes to replace hardware components or adding new workstations and guarantees a long time availability of the laboratory.

Yasla was designed and built with the sign language laboratory in mind. Starting in 2007 as a cooperation between fluthaus and Prof. Dr. Ebbinghaus and his team from the department of sign language interpreting at the Humboldt University in Berlin, it is continuously adapted to new hardware and operating system versions. Today, with more than 150 installations, it is in use all over Europe.