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Workshops, seminars, summer courses

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Erasmus+ Key Action 2 is for "Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices".

Organizations can apply for funding for the development and organization of "Multiplier Events": international workshops, seminars, training courses (pages 106+ of the Erasmus+ guide) for students, pupils, learners and/or staff.

Support for the participating organisations:

  • For the project coordinator: 500 euros per month for project management and implementation; for the other partners: 250 euros per month.
  • For international meetings: 575 euros per person per meeting for travel and subsistence (more for people travelling 1000 km. or more).
  • For the development and production of 'Intellectual Output": a contribution to the staff costs. Rates depend on the country and the category of staff. The contribution is 100%, no 25% 'own funding';
  • For the "multiplier event(s)":
    • 100 euros per 'local' participant (= same country);
    • 200 euros  per international participant;
    • travel costs for the international participants: 276 euros (more for persons travelling 2.000 km +);
    • subsistence for the international participants: 
      • short term activities for learners: 55 euros per day per participant (day 1-14);

The total project grant is capped at 150.000 EUR for a 1 year project, 300.000 EUR for a 2 year project and 450.000 for a 3 year project.