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Teaching and Learning Signed Languages: International Perspectives and Practices

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An international collection of research from the field of signed language teaching that fills a gap in the applied linguistics literature.

While signed language teaching has rapidly established an accepted place in the academic domain of second language teaching, pedagogy has widely been shaped by conventional practices, available teaching curricula, and findings from descriptive linguistic research. In general, developments in curricula, teaching approaches, and assessment have been relatively unmediated by applied, empirical research on learning and teaching.

Teaching and Learning Signed Languages contributes to expanding an emerging research literature on contemporary practices and issues in the teaching and learning of signed languages. 11 chapters by authors in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America address the following themes:

  • Training of signed language teachers 
  • Contexts for signed language teaching and learning 
  • Application of digital tools at the research-teaching nexus
  • Learner perspectives 
  • Effects of first and second languages and modality in signed language instruction
  • Formative assessment