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SOOSL: Sign Language Dictionary Software

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Sign Language Teachers can use SooSL to create a sign language dictionary for their students. Sign language researchers can use it to collect and/or compare signs from different sign languages or sign language dialects. You can look up signs by choosing a gloss but also by location, handshape etc .

There is now a web version of SooSL at https://web.soosl.net. This allows dictionary creators to give access to their dictionaries through the internet. Dictionaries can be posted publicly or kept private (behind passwords).

An example of an online ASL dictionary: https://web.soosl.net/projects/demo-asl-74424
More SooSL features:
  • It is free
  • Works with any sign language and any written language
  • Easy to use
  • You can add videos for signs, example sentences, and comments
  • Look up signs by handshape, location, motion, or gloss
  • Provide glosses in one or more written languages
  • Distinguish multiple senses and synonyms
  • Indicate dialects and word classes (nouns, verbs, etc.)
  • Works on Windows, Mac or Linux
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