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Sign Language Week

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Sign Language Week is an annual event in New Zealand.

It is organised by Deaf Aotearoa in May, each year. The week is a platform for the Deaf community to stand proud as Deaf people and promote their language and culture. Everyone can celebrate the beauty of NZSL and become more aware about New Zealand’s Deaf community.

There are regional, national and internet activities.

Some examples of the internet activities: 

  • The website: http://www.deaf.org.nz/nzslw
  • "Learn 7 Signs in 7 Days": during Sign Language Week, a new sign is published on the website, every day. After 7 days, there was an online Quiz, with prizes. 
  • "My Favourite Sign": people wre invited to post a video of their favourite sign on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and to add the hashtag #MyFavouriteSign. Famous people added their favourite signs. All signs: were posted on the website. 
  • Many awards to recognise hard-working people, businesses and organisations who contribute to the promotion and progress of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) and Deaf culture in New Zealand.  For example: the NZSL Employer Award, that recognises a NZ business or organisation that has proven success through commitment to NZSL and in working with Deaf workers or individuals. Also: a NZSL Teaching Award that recognises the efforts of an educator/teacher who, through commitment and devotion, has made an outstanding contribution to teaching NZSL to their Deaf and/or hearing students.