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Schools & Adult Education

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Erasmus+ will only fund mobility projects, not individual teachers or learners who want to teach or study in another EU country. You will find all the options in the Erasmus+ guide, under KA1 Mobility Project for School Education Staff (pages 59+) and KA1 Mobility Project for Adult Education Staff (pages 66+).


  • teaching assignment: this activity allows teachers or other school education staff to teach at a partner school abroad. 
  • staff training: this activity supports the professional development of teachers, school leaders or other school education staff in the form of: a) participation in structured courses or training events abroad; b) a job shadowing/observation period abroad in a partner school or another relevant organisation active in the field of school education. 

 Financial support for the sending or receiving organisation:

  • Organizational support: 350 euros per participant;
  • Course fee: 70 euros per day, per participant;
  • Special needs support (e.g. sign language interpreters): 100% of real, elligible costs.

Financial support for teachers (staff) travelling:

  • Duration of the activity: between 2 days - 2 months (excluding travel); 
  • Contribution to travel costs: depending on the travelling distance, between 180 to 1.000 euros per person;
  • Subsistence: depending on your country and the country you travel to: between 50 - 160 euros for days 1-14;  for days 15+: 70% of the daily rate;
  • Special needs support (e.g. sign language interpreters): 100% of real, elligible costs.

Applications have to be submitted before 4 March for projects starting in June of the same year. Applications have to be sent to the National Agency of the applicant.