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European Profiling Grid (EPG)

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The European Profiling Grid (EPG) describes the competences of language teachers and presents them in tabular form spanning six phases of development.

As its name suggests, the EPG is in the form of a grid or table. One axis is a list of categories of teacher competence; the other is a series of six ‘phases of development’ ranging from novice teacher to experienced and expert teacher. Each cell of the grid contains descriptors for one area of competence at one phase of development. 

The aim of the EPG is to support language teachers, whichever language they teach, in their own professional development. It is also a tool for managers and coordinators who are responsible for assuring the quality of language education, and for trainers and mentors who provide support and inservice development opportunities for language teachers. 

The EPG is available in nine languages.

 An interactive e-Grid is available at http://egrid.epg-project.eu/en .