Welcome to the SignTeach website!

  • Clark Denmark (Int. Sign)
  • Kristof de Weerdt (VGT)
  • Thomas Finkbeiner (DGS)
  • Joni Oyserman (NGT)

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    This is the SignTeach website, with info for sign language teachers.

    Who is it for?
    If you teach a sign language, this website is for you. If you train sign language teachers, this website is for you. Most information is in International Sign, some information is in different national sign languages. We hope to reach as many sign language teachers and their trainers, as possible. In Europe, but also worldwide!

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    What can you find on the website? Many things.
    First: Good Examples.

    Here you will find videos of sign language teachers from different countries, teaching students at different levels. To help you understand the videos, we added an intro, and a commentary, both in International Sign and in the sign language of the teacher in the video.
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    Second: Podcasts.

    Here you will find short presentations in International Sign, about different topics. CEFR, sign language teaching in the UK, distance education in Norway, teaching parents, and many other topics.
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    Third: Teacher Skills.

    Here you will find short explanations in International Sign, about Teacher Skills. What skills does a good sign language teacher need? We agreed on a matrix of 4 * 7 skills.
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    Fourth: The SignTeach Survey and Report.

    Here, you can find the results of the SignTeach Survey with information about sign languages and sign language teaching in Europe. And: the SignTeach Recommendations. What can we do to improve the status, the working situation, and the training opportunities for sign language teachers in Europe?
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    Finally: Resources.

    Here you can find links to other websites, various resources and information that may be of interest to sign language teachers.
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    Who made the website?

    This website was made as part of a European project. The name of the project: SignTeach. The people behind the project: over 25 people form 8 European countries. Just click on Consortium in the menu bar, and you will find the names of the organizations and people.

    The European Commission support for the production of this website does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors;  the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.