Survey Results NO

Number of respondents

Norway: 19 respondents.

Age groups

Compared to their European colleagues, the Norwegian respondents (olive) are somewhat older: almost 90% are over age 40.

Native signers?

Over 50% of the Norwegian respondents (olive) learned to sign before age 5. Almost no one learned to sign after age 20.

Who organised your training?

Over 80% of the Norwegian respondents have had some training in teaching sign language. The training was most often organised by a national or regional Deaf Association or a university.

Do you work together with other sign language teachers?

Over 90% of the Norwegians respondents work together with other sign language teachers.

Open question: Good examples, advice?

 “Work with other sign language teachers and have respect for each other's work.” 

More results can be found elsewhere on the SignTeach website.

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