Survey Results NL

Number of respondents

The Netherlands: 34 respondents.

Hearing Status

53% of all Dutch respondents (orange) are hearing, versus only 15% of all European respondents (blue).

Native signers?

Most of the sign language teachers in the Netherlands learned NGT, the language they teach, as adults as a second/foreign language.

How many hours do you teach, per month?


The respondents teach more hours per month than most of their colleagues in the EU.

What do you teach: the national sign language, a foreign sign language, or ‘sign supported speech’?

Compared to their colleagues, sign language teachers in the Netherlands more frequently (also) teach Signed Dutch. At the beginners and intermediate level, they teach Signed Dutch almost as often as they teach the national sign language, NGT.

Open question: Barriers?

"This is a very hard question to answer (so many things can be named here). I think there is a gap between how NGT is used by the deaf community and how we teach NGT at the University. This makes the teaching of NGT hard. The lack of good teaching materials is also an issue for me.


More results can be found elsewhere on the SignTeach website.

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