Survey Results BE

Number of respondents

21 respondents from Belgium. In the Survey, we did not ask if respondents are from Flanders or Walloon.

Age of the respondents


Compared to all sign language teachers who completed the Survey, the respondents from Belgium are relative old: 50% are 41 years or older; 35% are 51 years or older.

Have you had any special training for teaching sign language?

Only 45% of the respondents from Belgium (orange) have had any special training, compared to 82% of all respondents (blue). We did not ask any details about the training; this can vary from a single workshop to a 4-year academic training programme.

Imagine: you can make three wishes for your work as a teacher. What do you wish for?

The most important wish for the sign language teachers from Belgium: more contacts with other sign language teachers. Many also want an e-learning platform for sign language teaching.

Open question: advice, good examples?

“Each country should have an organisation for sign language teachers.”

“I think it is very positive that there is now a website for sign language teachers. We can learn a lot from it, and we can use it to share experiences.”

Open question: barriers?

“Work by deaf teachers is often not taken seriously. “

“A barrier is that the students are difficult to understand, and also that they need to hear a voice when they don't understand me or my lessons.”


More results can be found elsewhere on the SignTeach website.

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